General Rules of Football: Football Rules and Number of Players

In playing soccer, there are several rules that must be obeyed. With these various rules, it will certainly make the game more exciting. These rules are made to regulate the course of the game. With the general rules of football, this is what makes this game one of the fun games to play. These exciting experiences will also be very enjoyable if you play with a supportive team.

The game of football is a game arena that uses various concepts of running and kicking a ball. With the existence of general rules of football, it shows that this game cannot be played carelessly, it must use several agreed upon rules. So, the players and the various components in it must also follow the agreed rules. In nowgoal, for example, there are rules governing goal-breaking problems and so on.

General Rules of the Game of Football


In playing soccer, there will be various concept game choices that can be played with fun. Football, of course, uses the ball as a playing tool. This soccer match that is held has general soccer rules that must be obeyed. The use of the ball in playing soccer has certain rules and agreed standards. Although each type of soccer match has different rules, there are special standards that must be followed.

The general rules of football regarding the size of the ball is that it weighs approximately 410 to 459 grams with a circumference of 68 to 70 cm. the material used in this ball is leather with a round and round shape. The pressure used in it must also be just right, which is 0.6-1.1 atm (600-1,100 g / cm²). By doing so, the ball will roll comfortably and be easy to kick.

For the number of players involved in one match, it is explained through that the players are 11 people on the field. 1 person as the goalkeeper and the rest as players on the field. Meanwhile, the reserve players are not listed in the general rules football. The team can still play if the number is at least 7 people, if it is less than this then the game cannot continue.

Those are the general rules of football regarding the ball and the number of players. May be useful!

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